Patient Rights


1 - Be informed about their rights and responsibilities.

2 - Be informed ot the services provide in the hospital.

3 - Received care in the sfe enviroment

4 - Kniw the identities of the physcians and other practitioners for his / her care.

5 - Be treated with respect and diginty at all times and under circumstances

6 - Recieved care that is respectful ot thier values and beliefs (provided that they don't conflict with Islamic rules).

7 - Respect and maintain thier privacy during care and according to thier needs.

8 - have a significant other, Chaperone or a stuff member from the same gender present during physical examination, tradment or procedure

9 - Maintain confidentialy of all information, communication and records related to the care.

10 - Be protected from physical and verbal 10 - Be protected from physical and verbal assault.

11 - Appropriate assessment and mangment of pain.

12 - participate in thier care process including making decisions or asking questions about care,and seeking a second opinion without fear of compromising care.

13 - Be educated about their conditions.

14 - Consent to surgury, high-risk treadments and procedure anesthesia, and use of blood and blood products,after receiving adequate information.

15 - Refuse or discontinue treatment abd be informed of the consequences of their and available care and treatment alternative.

16 - Respectful and compassionate care at the end of the life.

17 - Be fully informed about clinical research which they agree to participate in, and the right to refuse or withdraw conset without affecting the care provided.

18 - be informed about donations and trasplanation of organs and other tissues, as per hospital policy.

19 - Voice a complaint about care or hospital services, and have the compliant investigated and resolved whenever possible.

20 - have thier possessions producted once the hospital assumes responsibility for protecting possessions or when the patient cannt assume responsibility.

21 - Received a report on thier medical conditions according to hospital regulations


Escort Rules

1 - Follow the hospitals rules and regulations.

2 - Provide accurate and complete information about his / her medical history and current medical condition.

3 - Inform his / her care provider when he / she dose not understand information related to care.

4 - keep out patient and admission appointers, or call to cancel if unable to attend

5 - Follow tje hospital no smoking policy.

6 - Follow his / her care provider's instructions, and accept responsibility for his / her actions when refusing treatment or not following the care provider's instructions.

7 - Be considerate of other patients and the hospitals property

8 - Show courtesy and respect to the hospital personal.

9 - inform the hospital about change in his / her eligibility condition.

10 - Must leave the hospital without delay when discharged.