Research Day


Tips on building your abstract

  1. Abstract must be of maximum 250 words and includes:
    • Title
    • Authors names and affiliations
    • Aim/objectives
    • Study methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion and recommendation
  2. Make sure you have thoroughly edited and proofread your abstract before you submit it.
  3. Your title must be clear, descriptive, and compelling.
  4. Do not include abstracts of studies carried out to fulfill requirements of a university degree/fellowship program.
  5. Do not use all capital letters.

Abstract Submission & Evaluation

  1. All Submissions are made via the online abstract submission form for Research Day.
  2. Please complete all fields.
  3. Upon submission, make sure you receive the acknowledgment confirmation message “your abstract was submitted successfully”.
  4. All abstracts with no exception will undergo the evaluation process.
  5. Only abstracts that meet the evaluation criteria will be selected.
  6. Emails will be sent to all applicants with the final decision.
  7. If your poster is accepted to be presented in the Research Day you need to prepare a poster.
  8. Poster size must be 70 x 100 CM
  9. Enrich your poster by graphs and figures for clarification.
  10. Poster will be displayed in the main lobby of the Community Center